alix kates shulman

Selected Works

"A haunting meditation on a love more enduring than the body or mind." Boston Globe "An extraordinary and important book." Oliver Sacks
"Refreshingly upbeat, infused with insight, affection, and respect." NY Times Book Review
"A ten year voyage of discovery [that] could even, if we were willing, change our lives." San Francisco Chronicle
"Wry and delicious" People (starred). "Wickedly funny" Boston Globe. “Delectably mischievous return to fiction" Booklist.
"A devastating exposé of the all-American girl plight" Boston Globe. "Witty and revolutionary" Booklist. "A vicious little gem of a novel" Cosmopolitan.
"A perfectly realized novel about feminism." Rita Mae Brown
"Insightful and compassionate." Publishers Weekly
"Fierce, funny, touching." NY Times Book Review
First ever collection of Alix's most controversial essays. "Stirring and...courageous" Blanche Weisen Cook
Revisits controversial proposal to share childcare and housework equally
Emma Goldman's writings compiled and edited by Alix
Biography of Emma Goldman, a NY Times Notable Book
For Children
Fantasy adventure story with a mathematical plot
Picture book exploring the borderline between dream and reality
A hidden picture book

"The voice that has for three decades provided a lyrical narrative of the changing position of women in American society." --The New York Times

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At twenty, Alix Kates Shulman left her native Cleveland, Ohio, for New York's Greenwich Village, seeking a freer place to spend the 1950s. In the following decades she became a political activist, feminist, teacher, and award-winning writer.

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Her debut novel, the million-copy bestseller MEMOIRS OF AN EX-PROM QUEEN, was called by the Oxford Companion to Women's Writing "the first important novel to emerge from the Women's Liberation Movement." Her controversial 1969 essay, "A Marriage Agreement" continues to be discussed and attacked to this day.

She has written fourteen books, including five novels, three memoirs, three books for children, two books on the anarchist Emma Goldman, an essay collection, and numerous short stories and essays. Her books have been published in Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, and Swedish translations.

In spring 2012 she had two new books:

MÉNAGE, a satirical novel about a wealthy married couple who invite a celebrated emigré writer to live with them; and


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