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Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen

This million-copy bestseller, called "the first important novel to emerge from the women's liberation movement," takes a wry, sardonic look at the double-binds of growing up female and sexy in white middle-class pre-feminist America. Today it is still studied on American campuses and read as a precursor of #MeToo, dramatizing every sort of sexual harassment and assault. Almost continuously in print, on its 35th anniversary this debut novel was pubished as a "feminist classic" by FSG, and on its 40th anniversary as an ebook. In the summer of 2019 FSG will reissue the book with a new introduction. 


“A crackling, tough-minded, ironically funny novel. . . . I daresay that not a woman reader will be really shocked and that the average man's hair, regardless of length, will automatically stand on end from page to page.”
—Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Told with astringent wit... a challenging and bitter brew of a novel.”
—San Francisco Chronicle

“Extremely relevant--I loved it! ... I only wish I'd found Alix Shulman's classic earlier.”
—Sophie Pollitt-Cohen, co-author of The Notebook Girls

“An extaordinary novel . . . sad and witty, expertly conceived and executed . . . important.” —Newsweek

“A vicious little gem of a novel.”

“Men may curse, they may howl . . . yet men owe it to themselves to see themselves plain, as their wives and girlfriends perceive them, by approaching Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen as a splendid looking glass-above all, an honest one. . . . With a keen ear for speech patterns and a peeled eye for the nuances of emotion, Ms. Shulman is very comic indeed.”
—Los Angeles Times

Photo: Sara Krulwich