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In Every Woman's Life . . .

Three women, three lives, linked together by the bonds of family and friendship. There is Rosemary, successful, beautiful, and believing in her twenty-year marriage and two children, even as she takes a young lover. There is Daisy, her daughter, faced with all the confusions of contemporary life, wanting to believe in something. And there is Nora, a successful journalist, fiercely independent in everything but her long involvement with a married man. This comic novel dramatically expresses the perks and perils of contemporary womanhood.


“Marvelous....Every woman who reads it will find herself somewhere in its pages....Shulman's best novel by far....will provoke, delight, even shock....A fine and daring work.”
—Lynne Sharon Schwartz

“An adroit, witty and all too accurate portrait of an era.”
—Margaret Atwood

“A wonderfully insightful book that will appeal to women who are working and raising families. This novel, about love and marriage, evokes her experience of being an American woman in the late 1980's. The author delights the reader with her choices of new attitudes and new meanings.”
—Chattanooga News-Free Press

“Who can resist a heroine who uses her boring hubby's mad money to run off to Italy on a romantic tryst, then comes home and without missing a beat, soothes the crises facing everyone, including the family dog?”
—Washington Post Book World

“The subject is upper-middle-class marriage, and the book's great strength is how vividly it brings to life the choices and dilemmas of her characters....The heart [of the book] is the story of how the Streeter family is enriched and threatened by the secrets and sexual adventures of each member....This is fierce, funny, touching stuff....A novella-length chapter called Beached fairly bursts off the page with the sensuality of pregnancy and the complex ways in which men and women create the unspoken rules of their marriages.”
—NY Times Book Review

“The novel may or may not actually solve the riddle of marriage, but it does offer a comic, sensitive look at modern women and relationships.”

“A novel of warmth, wit and discernment. What a pleasure to read a book that doesn't punish its women characters for the crime of being sexual.”
—Mary Gordon

“The family scenes are simply wonderful and very funny. And the book is sensuous and witty—elegantly choreographed around the themes of deceit (and love).”
—Hannah Green

“It is rich and complex and I think it brings important new insights to that endlessly interesting subject, the American family.”
—Hilma Wolitzer

Photo: Susan Wittenberg