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Red Emma Speaks: An Emma Goldman Reader

This collection presents in a single volume the full sweep of Goldman's opinions and personality. In addition to all the essays from Goldman's own 1910 collection, Anarchism and Other Essays, three dramatic sections from her 1931 autobiography Living My Life, and the afterword to her My Disillusionment in Russia, Red Emma Speaks contains sixteen more pieces covering a great range of subjects, assembled here to offer a composite of Goldman's life and thought. Red Emma Speaks on: anarchism, sex, prostitution, marriage, jealousy, prisons, religion, schools, violence, war, communism, and much more.

Shulman introduces this volume with two essays: a detailed biographical sketch of Goldman, and an assessment of Goldman's feminism.

Goldman's works are organized into four parts (plus source list and index):
I: Organization of Society
II: Social Institutions
III: Violence
IV: Two Revolutions and a Summary

First Edition: Random House and Vintage Books,1972; Second Edition: Schocken Books, 1982; Third Edition: Humanity Books of Prometheus Books, 1996, each with a new introduction.


“A truly elegant collection of Goldman's speeches and writings . . . Shulman's introductions also display a rare and genuine knowledge of anarchist political thought. . . . In her comments, she attempts to show the contemporary relevance of Goldman's work and her life.”
—American Journal of Sociology